you are at the crossroads between my portfolios on behance and cargo. they show both my exploration of visual language and manipulation of different materials to express an idea. the creation process is paramount to me and finding solutions through the craft always gives me the desire to continue… to seek, to experiment. not to find answers, rather to understand what surrounds me.


i'm living here and there and i have availability for freelance, part time or full time. it's — and precisely where i am — and you will probably find myself right now.

you can get in touch with me via linkedin or twitter and are most welcome to drop me a line, i would be pleased to hear from you for any questions or comments.


ecal \ ba in graphic design
uqam \ ba in graphic design
cag \ bts in multimedia design
cvm \ bts in industrial design


artv \ tv interlude 2010
poster4tomorrow \ poster contest finalist 2009


crunch base march 24th 2014
daily news march 19th 2014
prweb march 18th 2014
digital journal march 18th 2014
psfk march 17th 2014
motherboard march 15th 2014
time magazine march 15th 2014
fast company march 14th 2014
étapes diplômes july 8th 2013
siete dias december 27th 2009


idpure magazine january 2013, issue #31
pica magazine september 2010, issue #2


écal diplômes \ espace lausannois d’art contemporain 2013
design international \ centre de design 2011
transformation \ picatelier 2010
the pencil is mightier than the sword \ poster4tomorrow 2009


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