Hello, my name is Mathieu Daudelin and I’m currently working on changing elderly people’s lives with digital technology.


Graphic Designer, Technology & Innovation Researcher and MAS Student are some of the ongoing roles that I’m conducting at EPFL+ECAL Lab. Previous works and projects can be found on my portfolio.


You can get in touch with me via Ello, Linkedin or Twitter and are most welcome to drop me a line, I would be pleased to hear from you for any questions or comments.


I had the privilege to collaborate through the years with the likes of ARTV, Docomomo, UQAM in Canada, Genetic Ink in the United States, Illustrio in Belgium and STDD, The Leenaards Foundation, Pro Senectute in Switzerland.

  • EEL \ MAS in Design Research for Digital Innovation
  • ECAL \ BA in Graphic Design
  • UQAM \ BA in Graphic Design
  • CAG \ BTS in Multimedia Design
  • CVM \ BTS in Industrial Design
  • ARTV \ TV interlude ; 2010
  • Poster for tomorrow \ Poster contest finalist ; 2009
  • ECAL Yearbook 2013 ; September 2013
  • IDpure Magazine ; January 2013, issue #31
  • Pica Magazine ; September 2010, issue #2
  • ECAL Diplômes 2013 \ Espace Lausannois d’art contemporain ; Lausanne 2013
  • Design International \ Centre de Design ; Montreal 2011
  • Transformation \ Picatelier ; Montreal 2010
  • The pencil is mightier than the sword \ Poster for tomorrow ; Montreal 2009

All work under CC licence. All rights of reproduction and distribution reserved © 2017

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